My name is Erica Merson and I am doctoral student from University of Maryland, College Park. I am conducting a research study to learn more about the experiences of mothers of children with ADHD to eventually use this knowledge to improve the understanding and treatment of families of children with ADHD. I am contacting you because you work with and/or have contact with mothers of children with ADHD. I was hoping that you could pass this information on to those who may qualify to participate in my study. I am looking to recruit mothers of 5-13 year old children who have received a diagnosis of ADHD. Participants would complete an online, confidential questionnaire that asks questions about psychological health, relationships, employment characteristics, and parenting behaviors. As compensation, participants will be offered the chance to enter into a lottery to win one of three $25 Amazon gift cards. Those who are interested can follow the link below to the study.

I would be happy to discuss details of the study with you further. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free email me at Also please forward the above message to others who may be eligible and interested in also participating. Thank you so much for your interest and participation.

Erica S. Merson, MS