Quite Possibly the Best Soda Ever

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The World of Coca-Cola in Atlanta has a room with every possible variety of anything Coca-Cola makes...and it's organized by continents. I happened upon Coca-Cola's Bibo from South Africa. (Cue serendipitous music here.) I cannot even begin to tell you how good this Bibo stuff is. I can't even describe anything that tastes like it. It [...]

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Bonus of Walking – Art in Atlanta Airport

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This is one of the pieces of art you see when you walk through Atlanta's Hartsfield Airport (ATL) instead of taking the tram. As you can see from the picture, there are sculptures one after the other down the entire walkway. The airport itself has quite a bit of artwork and historical exhibits. One of the [...]

Beating Jet Lag

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1. Drink plenty of water. I'm not just talking about the little cups of water the attendants give you. Buy some water (preferably 2 bottles) once you pass the security checkpoint. Flying can dehydrate you, so drink up. 2. Speaking of drinking up, skip drinking any alcohol on the plane. You may think it will help [...]

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How to pack for a week-long trip in 15 minutes

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This is assuming all of your clothes are washed and ready to pack.  This does not include time spent taking clothes out of the dryer, etc. This is how I pack for a week-long trip using a carry-on suitcase (yes, you read that correctly - carry-on suitcase.  I don't check luggage anymore.  Much quicker, and you [...]

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Why I love the United States

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On Independence Day, I thought I'd write about why I love the United States.   These items are not necessarily listed in order of importance.  Also, I know that due to your particular experience, or the experiences of those you know, these may not be necessarily true in some (or maybe even most) instances.  Also, if you [...]

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