Training and Consulting


Consulting services and trainings for businesses, mental health professionals, and individuals.

Consulting with a mental health professional is a way to figure out your next steps as a business, or professional – and also to make sure you are on the right path – one that matches your needs, values, and goals.

Expert Opinion & Expert Witness

Clinical professional consultations

regarding client or patient.

Attorney consultations

regarding a case or client.

Business Training and Business Consulting

Training for companies regarding employee wellbeing and stress, harassment in the workplace, and warning signs of employee violence. Advice on effective accommodations for anxiety, ADHD, and autism spectrum in the workplace. Training on positive reinforcement of employees and how to communicate effectively.

Consulting with businesses about changes in management style and structure. Consulting with family-owned businesses about working together effectively, functioning well after a merger or acquisition, and what to do when the head of the family retires – especially when there is conflict amongst board members.

Qualified Supervisor

I am certified as a Qualified Supervisor under the State of Florida Department of Clinical Social Work, Marriage & Family Therapy, and Mental Health Counseling.