Mediation and Collaborative Divorce

In many states, courts require you to attend mediation first, before going in front of a judge. I provide mediation, or act as a guide, through the decision-making process. I am a Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Mediator and Circuit Civil Court Mediator. I am also a facilitator in collaborative divorce cases, where parents, attorneys, and financial professionals work together as a team to create the best coparenting plan possible.

A mediator (like myself) is your guide through the decision-making process. We do not give legal advice – we are your referee, your guide, and your encourager. You make the decisions.

As a Florida Supreme Court Certified Family and Circuit Civil Court Mediator, I have mediated or co-mediated cases of divorce, paternity, revisiting of parenting plans, and accident claims.

One of my areas of special interest is as a facilitator in collaborative divorce cases. Collaborative divorce is a way to be the best coparents possible for the wellbeing of your child. I am a facilitator for collaborative cases. This means that I help the collaborative team (you, your spouse, your attorneys, and a financial professional) move forward and work together to resolve your divorce and reduce coparenting issues in the most efficient and productive way possible.

Parents that divorce through the collaborative law process find that they co-parent more effectively, and have resolved past hurts in order to work together for the happiness of their children. This, in turn, can help children have healthier marriages themselves.

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