People often ask me, “How have you been able to write 4 books on adult ADD?” I tell them this:

1) I have a passion for writing.

2) I have a passion for helping others.

3) By writing books on ADD and by disclosing I have ADHD, I can let people know that they are not alone.

4) I can help people on a global scale.

I still am amazed by how my books have helped people with ADHD around the world. My first book, 10 Simple Solutions to Adult ADD, has been translated into Mandarin, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, French, and Spanish.

When the first book came out, I really had no idea how many people it would help. I also got a better idea of the isolation that is felt by people with ADHD from the emails, phone calls, and letters I received. My book was the first time they felt someone was writing directly to them.

People also told me that my books were the first ones they had ever been able to read all the way through. That is a pretty profound thing to hear. I’ve also been told that spouses and partners of people with ADHD are reading the books and getting a better insight into what we (people with ADHD) go through on a daily basis.

It’s the same reason why I am open about taking medication for ADHD. I know how much it has helped me, and I want to lessen the stigma.

Now with “Adult ADD: A Guide for the Newly Diagnosed” just released, I’m already experiencing the wave of feedback from readers telling me they no longer feel alone. It is such a privilege to have people share their personal experiences with me. I appreciate their openess and willingness to share with me how being diagnosed with ADHD has changed their life and improved their day-to-day living.

So if you have a book idea that you have been mulling over, it could potentially help millions of people. Get writing! The effect of that book will go on for years.

In fact, anything you do that is of help to other people – it continues on and on in a chain reaction. So go out there and continue to make a positive change in the world.