Talking Brains Podcast: a conversation about Parallel Coparenting with Jeremy Gaies PsyD.

Talking Brains Episode 18: No one said coparenting would be easy. But what if your coparenting relationship causes anger and frustration more days than not? Parallel coparenting and consulting with a parent coordinator may be options for you. Jeremy Gaies PsyD, psychologist, family mediator, and coauthor of Mindful Coparenting: A Child-Friendly Path Through Divorce shares which coparenting options might be best for you – whether your coparenting relationship is low-conflict, medium-conflict, or high-conflict. If you aren’t sure which conflict style your coparenting might be, Dr. Gaies can help you with that too.

Talking Brains is a podcast series by Stephanie Sarkis, PhD. Listen to conversations about mental health, psychology and emotional mental-well being.

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