Yes, Bogart-Bacall Syndrome is a real syndrome. Possibly the syndrome with the coolest name ever, but nonetheless….

Bogart-Bacall Syndrome happens when you speak or sing for extended periods of time in a different vocal range than what you are used to. It is most common when you speak or sing with a lower register than normal. It can result in a hoarse voice, which can be treated with voice therapy by a Speech Language Pathologist.

Both Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall had a mild form of this disorder. Lauren Bacall’s natural speaking voice was much higher-pitched.

My voice is naturally this low, by the way. I used to not like my voice (especially when my voice was this low when I was a kid), but now I like it. It also makes for a pretty good singing voice. 🙂

Here’s a blog post from a voiceover artist who was afflicted with Bogart-Bacall Syndrome:

Check out Bogart and Bacall in “To Have and Have Not”. Hard to believe Bacall was only 19 in this movie.

Here’s Lauren Bacall backstage at the 2010 Oscars. Still gorgeous.

And here’s a short blurb on the disorder from Wikipedia: