50 Quotes on Perspective

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No two people at any time are ever thinking the same exact thing. What does this mean? It goes to show how unique we are in our own ways. It means that we all have our very own thought process, our own mind set, our own perspective. It's never wrong though, to view things from a [...]

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CrazyBusy: An Interview with Edward Hallowell MD

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Do you find yourself scrounging for more time due to being far too busy? Enlighten yourself with this interview with Dr. Edward Hallowell who discusses his new CrazyBusy app. It provides people living a hectic lifestyle, opportunities to make changes in their lives. Maybe then you'll find a way to have time on your side after [...]

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“What? I can’t hear you, my glasses are off.”

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From MSNBC.com: Joan Raymond writes: Have you ever taken off your glasses only to discover that besides being blind as bat, you can’t hear too well either? You’re not alone. There’s even a small cadre of Facebook folks who gather under the group: “I can't hear you, I don't have my glasses on.” According to Lawrence [...]

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Bogart-Bacall Syndrome

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Yes, Bogart-Bacall Syndrome is a real syndrome. Possibly the syndrome with the coolest name ever, but nonetheless.... Bogart-Bacall Syndrome happens when you speak or sing for extended periods of time in a different vocal range than what you are used to. It is most common when you speak or sing with a lower register than normal. [...]

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