//Voice Modulation and ADHD

Voice Modulation and ADHD

People who are being evaluated for ADHD usually seem surprised (and relieved) when I ask them if they have difficulty regulating the volume of their voice. “Voice modulation” is just a fancy way of saying that someone is talking LOUDLY and not realizing it. Usually friends or family members will tell the person they are talking too loud. The person will then lower the volume, but then it ramps BACK UP AGAIN. It is brought to their attention again, and the vicious cycle continues. The loudness happens more frequently when a person with ADHD is really excited about something.

This reminds me of a Sesame Street skit with Ernie and Bert that I posted earlier on the blog. Both people with and without ADHD can relate to Ernie. People without ADHD sometimes want to turn our volume down (or off), and we sometimes want to do likewise to those that try to squelch our boisterous personalities. 😉

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Dr. Stephanie Sarkis is a National Certified Counselor (NCC), Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC), and AMHCA Diplomate and Clinical Specialist in Child and Adolescent Counseling based in Tampa Bay, Florida, where she specializes in the treatment of ADD/ADHD. Dr. Sarkis conducts evaluations, testing, diagnosis, and counseling services. She also is a public speaker, consultant, coach, and is a facilitator in collaborative law.