How Jim Henson Changed My Life

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Today (9/24) is the 75th anniversary of Jim Henson's birthday. The impact of his work will continue to generations to come. Jim Henson changed my life in so many ways. Here are just a few of the legacies he left in my life. 1. He helped me grieve my friends' deaths. When my best friends Dave [...]

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Having ADHD is like being an Ernie in a world of Berts.

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I can so relate to Ernie. Here are some of his finer moments of living with non-ADHD Bert. 1. Ernie and the Telephone "Ernie, don't throw that on the floor!" "Oh, oh I'm sorry Bert. I'll pick it up later. I couldn't wait..." 2. Listen for the Knock at the Door "Hey Bert, was [...]

Voice Modulation and ADHD

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People who are being evaluated for ADHD usually seem surprised (and relieved) when I ask them if they have difficulty regulating the volume of their voice. "Voice modulation" is just a fancy way of saying that someone is talking LOUDLY and not realizing it. Usually friends or family members will tell the person they are talking [...]

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