/, ADHD/ADHD Women: Higher Rate of Self-Harm & Suicide Attempts

ADHD Women: Higher Rate of Self-Harm & Suicide Attempts

A recent study by Hinshaw et al. published by the the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology (2012) shows that women who were diagnosed with ADHD as young adults, in are more likely to attempt suicide or report injuring themselves than comparable young women in a control group.

In the first of the studies, 228 girls ages 6 to 12 were recruited, after which 140 girls were diagnosed with ADHD, while the rest were part of a control group.

Regarding suicide attempts, 22 percent of subjects diagnosed with ADHD combined type reported at least one suicide attempt at the 10-year follow-up, compared to 8 percent of subjects with ADHD inattentive type. Suicide attempts were reported by 6 percent of the control group.

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Dr. Stephanie Sarkis is a National Certified Counselor (NCC), Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC), and AMHCA Diplomate and Clinical Specialist in Child and Adolescent Counseling based in Tampa Bay, Florida, where she specializes in the treatment of ADD/ADHD. Dr. Sarkis conducts evaluations, testing, diagnosis, and counseling services. She also is a public speaker, consultant, coach, and is a facilitator in collaborative law.