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Stephanie Sarkis Author, Counselor, and ADHD Expert

Ambidextrous children more likely to have ADHD symptoms?

A study found that ambidextrous children (those that are both left- and right-handed) are more likely to develop ADHD symptoms later in life, compared to their left-handed and right-handed peers. The article states: Mixed-handed children, relative to right-handed, had approximately a twofold increase in odds of having difficulties with language and scholastic performance at the […]

Accuracy of Adult Recall of Childhood ADHD Symptoms

A study by Mannuzza et al. (2002) found that adults with ADHD have difficulty accurately recalling their ADHD symptoms. Adults with ADHD (N=176) who had all received a previous diagnosis of ADHD in childhood were then interviewed by clinicians who were not aware of the subjects’ ADHD diagnosis. When the adults with ADHD were interviewed […]

Violence is NOT a symptom of ADHD

In an article written about the Omaha shootings, the reporter made a point to mention that the shooter had been diagnosed with ADHD. Violent behavior is NOT a symptom of ADHD. In addition, the shootings were not the result of impulsivity, due to the fact that the shootings were pre-meditated.

Is it “ADD” or “ADHD”?

You will hear people say that they have “ADHD” or “ADD without the ‘H’”. “ADD” is thought of as having inattention and distraction without hyperactivity. The term “ADHD” is sometimes used to describe inattention and distraction with hyperactivity. According to the DSM (a diagnostic manual), the term is “ADHD”, and there are three types. First, […]

Autism and Vaccines

I am asked often if there is a link between autism and vaccines. Autism symptoms usually start to be more prominent around 12 to 18 months, around the same age when some vaccines are administered for the first time. (Here’s a vaccination schedule from the American Academy of Pediatrics: http://www.cispimmunize.org/IZSchedule_2006.pdf Here’s an interesting website regarding […]