Some ways to feel better, even in a horrific situation.

If you are one of the thousands of people who must evacuate yearly due to natural disasters, it can be traumatizing. As a therapist and someone who has evacuated several times, here is what can help with your heightened stress level.
Keep up some of your daily routines.
Right now, adhering to your usual routine seems unattainable. How are you supposed to have any kind of a routine right now? Our routines are made of little bits of activity. Sometimes we don’t realize what our routines are until it becomes harder to complete them. Do you usually do yoga in the mornings? Do you stretch before you get out of bed? You can recreate that even if you are miles away from home. Having structure helps us through stressful times, and routines add a little of something from home. Your routine may not look exactly like what you are used to, but any bits of normalcy you can add to an abnormal situation will help.