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Stephanie Sarkis Author, Counselor, and ADHD Expert

Dog horoscopes? Oy.

I found out on Dogbook (a Facebook application) that there are dog horoscopes.  I kid you not.   Usually I read horoscopes in the paper at the end of the day to see how accurate they are.  One of my professors likened it to a “chi-square analysis”.   Granted, Toby and Lucy’s birthdays are just estimates, as they are both rescued dogs. 

Today Toby and Lucy escaped and ran around the neighborhood.  This is not entirely their fault, as Dr. Smarty Pants (me) forgot to shut a sliding glass door and had the gate open.    Here’s Tobes’ horoscope for today:

Daily DogScope: May 08, 2008

The weather only increases your joy in living today. Can your owner empathize? Get a good, long walk in, with or without your human.

Whoa…pretty freaky.  Toby opted for sans human. 

Now Lucy’s horoscope is nothing like her.

You were supposed to check out visitors, not love them to death. Now that you understand your assignment, you’re up for the task. Your next job is to curb your enthusiasm.

Those of you that have met Lucy know that she does not love visitors to death.  If anything, she does an approach/retreat thing, due to her past history of abuse. 

Then again, her birthdate is more wildly inaccurate that Toby’s.  Maybe she’s really not a Capricorn?  I shudder when I think of the implications of this.

If you want to see how accurate or inaccurate your dog’s horoscope is, or if you want to kill some time while you are at work, here you go:




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