2020 has been difficult for many people. That is a vast understatement.

You most likely experienced loss this year that you have never experienced before. You may have had a change in or loss of your job; your kids may have switched to online school; you may have picked up on unhealthy coping mechanisms; you may find that your healthy coping mechanisms are no longer working for you. You may have lost friends and loved ones suddenly and without the ability to say goodbye or have a service.

This year, consider not creating new year’s resolutions. Usually, a new year presents itself with new opportunities. However, we are bringing Covid-19 into January, with a likely increase in cases due to people traveling for the holidays. The first half of 2021 may look remarkably like 2020.

If you are experiencing anxiety and depression due to the events of this year, you may be creating new year’s resolutions as a way to help yourself heal. However, consider waiting until later in the year to create those promises to yourself.

If you have anxiety and depression, you may have limited amounts of energy to expend. Testing out brand-new habits may be too much right now. You want to set yourself up for success instead.

Focus on Self-Compassion

Instead of setting goals for yourself in 2021, consider just focusing on self-compassion. The purpose of self-compassion is extending kindness to yourself. You treat yourself as if you were your best friend. Not only does self-compassion help you feel better, but it also leads to greater compassion for others.