• Many of you may be considering getting a dalmatian after seeing Anheuser-Busch’s Super Bowl commercial. We’ve adopted 4 dalmatians and 2 dal mixes. Please don’t even think about getting one unless you seriously consider and accept what you are taking on.
  • What You Need to Know About Dals

    • Dals are smart and headstrong. Training them can be like trying to dress a wiggling 3-year-old. It takes time and patience. Training MUST be done, or your dal can turn into a jerk.
    • They can be territorial. See the part about training above.
    • One of dalmatians’ primary roles was to bark ahead of fire trucks before they had sirens. Today, they bark with the same passion. Again, see the first point about training.
    • They grow into BIG dogs. Rocky is about 75 pounds. That is fairly big for a dal. But most are around 50 pounds.
    • They need A LOT of exercise. Not just a couple walks a day – I’m talking running, dog park, walking some more, and more running. Dals need exercise like a sports car needs premium gas.
    • Many dals are surrendered to shelters because cute dal puppies grow up to be rather high-maintenance adults.

    Please reconsider getting a dalmatian. And if you are still hellbent on getting one, adopt one.