Puppy Prozac is now available….it’s called Reconcile, and is chewable. (No word on whether humans can take it if they also prefer a chewable Prozac that tastes like beef.)

Reconcile is primarily for separation anxiety. There’s also a link that talks about positive behavior reinforcement. One suggestion that is very useful is to not make a big production when you are leaving or coming home. It really helps cut down on a dog’s anxiety. Also, make sure your dog gets plenty of exercise. This also cuts down on anxiety – for you and the dog!

I love the photo on the right side of the webpage. How did they get the dog to look so guilty? I can just picture the photographer saying, “Okay, Fluffy…here’s the scene: your owner just got back home from work and you are busted! There’s chewed pillows and shoes everywhere. You with me on this? Okay, GO!”