With Halloween just days away, some children may be having more fears than usual. Seeing adults and family members in costumes and masks can be pretty frightening to a young child. How do you help your child enjoy Halloween without becoming overcome with fear?

First, let your child know when Halloween is coming. Talk to them about why people wear costumes. Explain to them that it is part of the fun of Halloween. Help your child understand that there is a real person under the mask. You can ask friends and family to take off their masks to show your child that they are still the same person underneath.

Older children and adults may play pranks on Halloween. This can be very scary to a young children, and the feeling and memory of being caught off-guard and terrified can stay with them their whole lives. Stay with your child at all times during the night.

Involve your child in picking out their costume, decorating Halloween cookies, cupcakes, or have them help design the jack-o-lantern (note I said design, NOT carve). 🙂 Have your child help you put on your costume, mask, or face paint. Having yoru child see your transformation from parent into a goblin, witch, or ghost will help him understand that you are still there and your are the same parent, even when you are dressed up.

Some children are afraid to go trick-or-treating. Do not push your child to go if they are not interested. Reassure them that if they do want to go, you will be with them and you will carry a flashlight.

Have a happy and safe Halloween!