Taking an “emotional inventory” can help you forge ahead in the new year.

An end-of-year review of your self-care and wellbeing can help you prioritize and give you insights into what you would like to change in the new year. Part of that review can include looking at the emotions you experienced.It is crucial to take stock of your feelings during the continuing pandemic. You have experienced and felt things that were new to you. Doing a “personal inventory” of your emotions can help you analyze your thought patterns and behaviors. It can also help you make changes in the future. When we take a step back from what we have experienced, we can view it with less judgment.Sometimes, we tend to think logically instead of focusing on our emotions. Looking at things logically can be safer for us. We don’t feel as many emotions when we are analyzing a situation. If you grew up in a family-of-origin where expressing feelings was not allowed or encouraged, diving into emotions can feel intimidating. You may even feel out of control when you experience intense emotions. However, the more you sit with your emotions and do not push them away, the easier it is to accept them. With time, the emotions you feel may appear to be more manageable.