You are untethered to a location. Have internet, can travel. Being able to traverse the world without needing to be in a permanent spot can be freeing — and also a little discombobulating. Here are six ways to stay psychologically healthy while you are on the road.

You Can Feel Exhilarated and Homesick at the Same Time
You’re having a great time — you have the freedom of not being tied to a desk, and you’re your own boss. Ideal, right? But sometimes you really miss having a permanent spot to call home. In fact, some days — especially days when you have a less structured schedule — you feel kind of lost. It is absolutely normal to feel two very different feelings at the same time. It’s not a “but” situation — it’s an “and.” You can feel happy and homesick simultaneously. Accept that feeling homesick is valid, and does not “cancel out” any positives you have gained. Remember that emotions are temporary. One of the best ways to work through them is to allow yourself to feel them. If you are feeling homesick, write a post, contact a loved one, try a new adventure in your location. And let yourself feel.

Keep Better Track of Your Money
Financial wellbeing is part of overall wellbeing. Nothing can stress you out quicker than running low on funds.