The pandemic has taken your job – learn how to maintain your mental health.

A second wave of job cuts is predicted to affect close to 6 million workers. While the first wave, during February and March, impacted more front line workers, the second wave will impact more managerial and supervisory workers. While the first wave of job cuts impacted workers in the hospitality, retail, and restaurant industries, the second wave will include people working in science-based jobs, finance, and marketing.  People who thought they had job security, even through Covid-19, are suddenly finding that security was a myth.
What do you do when your world has just been turned upside down? How can you find some comfort when it feels like your source of stability is gone? Read on for how to maintain good mental health even when things are getting rough.

You Are Not Alone

More than 40 million applications for unemployment benefits have been filed since the middle of March. If there wasn’t a pandemic, you would probably run into other people who have lost their jobs. There’s a sense of “universality” when you realize other people are going through the same thing. You feel less alone. A large number of people are still staying at home due to Covid-19, so you are less likely to run into a friend at the grocery store who also lost their job. It can feel even more isolating when you don’t have access to people in the same situation. Know that you do have many other people who are in the same situation as you. They felt pretty stable in their jobs, and now that is gone. There is comfort in knowing you are not alone.