In a study in the Archives of General Psychiatry, it was found that substance abuse was the most common mental disorder amongst college-age adults, with personality disorders coming in second. It was found that the most common personality disorder was obsessive-compulsive personality disorder.

Take into account the fact that many college students have some type of obsessive or compulsive behaviors – that is how you get through college, particularly graduate school. If you weren’t obsessive or compulsive when you entered graduate school, you will be when you get out.

There is a difference between having the symptoms of a disorder and having the disorder itself. While many college students have compulsive behaviors, only a small percentage meet the criteria for a disorder.

What we should focus on is the fact that the study found that fewer than 25% of college-aged adults with mental illness seek treatment. That is the much bigger issue.

1 in 5 young Americans has personality disorder