//The Medical Information Bureau

The Medical Information Bureau

The Medical Information Bureau (MIB) is a national clearinghouse that keeps track of everyone’s health insurance claims. They state that they use this information to prevent insurance fraud. Every time you file a health insurance claim, it goes into this database. This information can affect your chances of getting life, health, or disability insurance in the future.

Many of my clients/patients prefer to not file with their insurance for this reason.

I always recommend you request a copy of the information they have on you, because some have found their information to be incorrect. The scary thing is that all you have to do to request your information is state that you are actually you. That’s it.


I had a letter to the editor published in Money magazine about this database. I’ll add it to the blog later tonight.

Interestingly, MIB was able to keep a pretty low profile until fans of the movie “Men in Black” accidentally went to their website.

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