Remarriage: Factors for Success

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"Remarriage is the triumph of hope over experience" - Samuel Johnson Taking that plunge (again) can be nerve-wracking, especially if you had an especially difficult divorce. Here are some factors that help increase your changes of a successful marriage the second time around. A study by Falke et al. (2007) reviewed literature from 1980 through 2007 [...]

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Black Friday: A “Collective Consumption Ritual”

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New post on my Psychology Today blog: Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving in the United States, is a "collective consumption ritual", according to Thomas and Peters (2011). Over two years, the researchers interviewed "experienced" Black Friday shoppers. Through 38 qualitative interviews, the researchers found four themes: Keep reading...

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Don’t touch that! It can cost you.

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When you touch an item on a store shelf, you are much more likely to buy it, according to a study by Wolf, Arkes, & Muhanna (2008). This is the reason why you are encouraged to "try before you buy" or "take a test drive" as soon as possible. Once you touch something, it registers into [...]

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Presenting at Virtual AD/HD Conference today (10/4)

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Today is the first day of the 3-day Virtual AD/HD Conference. I will be presenting on ADHD & Money at 3:45pm EST. Here's a link to register for the conference: Conference Sign-Up This conference is particularly exciting because it is entirely online. Hope to "see" you there!

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Six-year-olds write checks?? I did.

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Do you think my dad should stop payment? For those of you who can't see the image above: My dad recently found this gem - a check I wrote when I was 6 years old. I figured hey, I watch my parents write checks, so obviously when you write a check, you get [...]

Controlling Holiday Spending

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Here are some tips to help stop overspending during the holidays. Determine a “Want” from a “Need" Do you or the gift recipient really need that?? Seriously?? Pick One Person Out of the Family Instead of buying gifts for your entire family, have everyone in the family pick one name out of a hat. And set [...]

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Received the first copies of “ADD and Your Money”!

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There are few things that compare to seeing the finished version of your book for the first time. I've never had kids, but I'm guessing the feeling is somewhat akin to seeing your baby for the first time. And the gestation period is roughly the same for each!! It's such a privilege to be experiencing for [...]

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Important Information on Special-Needs Trusts

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If you are the parent of a special-needs child, figuring out long-term care or income for your child can be an anxiety-provoking experience.  Especially when you find out that having even a little money in the bank can disqualify your child from receiving assistance such as Medicaid or Social Security/Disability benefits. A special-needs trust, or supplemental trust, allows money [...]

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