Tips for Easing Your Child’s Halloween Fears

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With Halloween just days away, some children may be having more fears than usual. Seeing adults and family members in costumes and masks can be pretty frightening to a young child. How do you help your child enjoy Halloween without becoming overcome with fear? First, let your child know when Halloween is coming. Talk to them [...]

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Controlling Holiday Spending

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Here are some tips to help stop overspending during the holidays. Determine a “Want” from a “Need" Do you or the gift recipient really need that?? Seriously?? Pick One Person Out of the Family Instead of buying gifts for your entire family, have everyone in the family pick one name out of a hat. And set [...]

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Why I love the United States

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On Independence Day, I thought I'd write about why I love the United States.   These items are not necessarily listed in order of importance.  Also, I know that due to your particular experience, or the experiences of those you know, these may not be necessarily true in some (or maybe even most) instances.  Also, if you [...]

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