Article on Secretin clinical trial for Autism

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In 2003, we were a site that participated in conducting a clinical trial for Secretin. The purpose of the study was to determine safety and efficacy of Secretin versus placebo in the treatment of Autism symptoms.  Unfortunately, the study results found that there was no difference in symptom change between children on Secretin and those on placebo.   Here's an article on [...]

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New data on ADHD study drug NS2359

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NS2359 is a mixed monoamine reuptake inhibitor.  A study looked at the efficacy of NS2359 versus placebo in a double-blind randomized trial. There was no statistical difference in the total ADHD-RS scale score between those taking NS2359 and placebo.  However, when looking at the inattentive type of ADHD, 41% of those who took NS2359 had an [...]

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Results from Phase II study with new ADHD drug

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ABT-894 is a drug that is currently undergoing clinical trials for possible approval by the FDA for the treatment of adult ADHD.  Drugs have to undergo specific study phases and must demonstrate safety and efficacy before they are approved by the FDA.  ABT-894 is a neuronal nictotinic receptor (NNR) modulator.  NNRs modulate the release of neurotransmitters such as acetylcholine and [...]

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Antidepressants and effectiveness

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A recent study from the University of Hull in England stated that antidepressants only help the most severe cases of depression. In the study, subjects responded just as effectively to placebos as they did to antidepressant medication, except in the more severe cases of depression. The following article refutes the study's findings and gives information on [...]

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Pycnogenol for the treatment of ADHD

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A study has been published which demonstrates some efficacy in the use of Pycnogenol (a deriviative of the bark from the French Maritime Pine) to treat inattention and hyperactivity. Subjects were either given Pycnogenol or a placebo for four weeks. Parents and teachers completed ADHD rating scales. After one month, teacher rating scales for subjects taking [...]

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