“Love – Yay!” & “Love – Yuck!” Quotes

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Valentine's Day doesn't have to be about romantic love. Valentine's Day can be about celebrating the love of life, the love of self, the love of a Higher Power, the love of your can be anything you wish. Or you may just detest Valentine's Day. There are some quotes here for you too. :) "A [...]

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A Prosopagnosia Love Story

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I just heard a very touching interview on NPR's Radiolab, from WNYC. Simon and Sarita fell in love, and out of love. There's a twist - he has propagnosia, otherwise known as "facial blindness". Simon can't recognize faces - in fact, he didn't recognize Sarita at first. You can listen to the full interview here: Listen [...]

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5 Tips for Dealing with the Sunday Blues

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For many people, Sunday can be a rough day. This is especially true if you have been through a loss. Here are 5 ways to make your Sunday go a little easier. 1. Have a schedule. Part of having the Sunday blues is that it's one of the days of the week that doesn't really have [...]

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