6 Amazing Things Carl Rogers Gave Us

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Thanks to @drmardy on Twitter for letting the Twitterverse (Twitter universe) know it was Carl Rogers' birthday today! Here are 6 amazing things that Carl Rogers gave us: 1. Person-Centered Therapy This is the big one, Rogers' therapy raison d'etre. Person-Centered Therapy advocated for Unconditional Positive Regard, use of a reflective technique, and a more egalitarian [...]

Rise in abuse of stimulant medication by teens

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A WebMD article states: Researchers found calls to poison control centers for adolescent ADHD prescription drug abuse increased out of proportion to other poison center calls in recent years, which suggests a growing problem with abuse of these stimulant drugs. The article also goes on to state that the study found that there was an increase [...]

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“Eye on Books” Interview

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When I was in Washington DC, I was interviewed by Bill Thompson for his "Eye on Books" radio show. Bill is a great interviewer, and his show is very informative. Check out the other author interviews on his site. Here's my interview...

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