Oppositional Defiant Disorder

Kids with Migraines: Their Mental Health is Fine

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In a study by Bruijn, et al. (2010), it was found that compared to healthy children, children with migraines: * do not exhibit more withdrawn behavior * do not have more thought problems * do not have more social problems * do not exhibit more delinquent or aggressive behavior * are not more frequently diagnosed with [...]

CD, ODD, and ADHD: Chances of developing adolescent CD

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First of all, I can't believe there's another Moulton that does ADHD research.  There aren't that many Moultons out there...although I started a Facebook group for Moultons, and there are about 150 of us so far.  Anyways, Dr. John Moulton and his team studied whether having childhood ADHD contributed to developing Conduct Disorder (CD) in adolescence.  The [...]

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