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“Watch Out For These Red Flags On a First Date” on Psychology Today

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We all hope our first dates will go well, but know these red flags so you can get out quickly. If you’re back out in the dating world after a divorce, breakup, or death of your spouse, you are not alone. You may find that a lot has changed since you were single. For example, online [...]

Does Facebook Increase Jealousy?

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Does Facebook spark jealousy, or does it just amplify the jealousy that may already exist in a relationship? In a study by Muise, et al. (2009), 308 undergraduate students completed a survey regarding usage of Facebook and impact on relationships. The purpose of the study was to determine if Facebook causes jealousy above and beyond the [...]

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People Determine Cheating Potential By Voice Pitch

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According to a new study, women think that men with a lower-pitched voice are more likely to cheat, while men think that a woman with a higher-pitched voice is more likely to cheat. These findings were independent of whether a person preferred a certain voice pitch, or found a certain voice pitch attractive. In addition, women [...]

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Study: Why do men use silly pickup lines?

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World-Science.net 14 Jan 2011 -- "Pickup" lines based on humor tend to fall flat-but they do get the speakers rat­ed as rel­a­tively fun­ny and so­cia­ble, and aren't dis­fa­vored by wom­en seek­ing brief li­ais­ons, a new study sug­gests. The pair stud­ied the ef­fects of "flip­pant" lines such as "can I get a pic­ture of you so I [...]

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