Iran jails director Jafar Panahi and stops him making films for 20 years

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From The acclaimed Iranian filmmaker Jafar Panahi was sentenced to six years in prison today, and banned from directing and producing films for the next 20 years, his lawyer said. Panahi, an outspoken supporter of Iran's opposition green movement, was convicted of gathering, colluding and propaganda against the regime, Farideh Gheyrat told the Iranian state [...]

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Shootings and Television Violence

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Today a gunman, upset about his mother's health condition, wounded a doctor then killed his mother and himself. The shootings took place at Johns Hopkins hospital. (The news story can be found here.) As soon as I heard that the shooter targeted the doctor because of his mother's health condition, I immediately thought of the gruesome [...]

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Gold medalist Alex Bilodeau and his brother

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Alex Bilodeau earned the first Canadian gold medal in a home Olympic games. Alex's older brother, Frederic, has cerebral palsy. Alex played hockey when he was young, but switched to skiing so Frederic could also participate. From the article: "My brother is my inspiration," Alex said that night on TV, tears welling. "He taught me so [...]

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The Medical Information Bureau

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The Medical Information Bureau (MIB) is a national clearinghouse that keeps track of everyone's health insurance claims. They state that they use this information to prevent insurance fraud. Every time you file a health insurance claim, it goes into this database. This information can affect your chances of getting life, health, or disability insurance in the [...]

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Violence is NOT a symptom of ADHD

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In an article written about the Omaha shootings, the reporter made a point to mention that the shooter had been diagnosed with ADHD. Violent behavior is NOT a symptom of ADHD. In addition, the shootings were not the result of impulsivity, due to the fact that the shootings were pre-meditated.

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