Downloading the Forms

I have placed my initial visit forms and other forms here, so that you may download, read, and fill them out at your convenience.  Each therapist’s practice is separate and independent; if you are not a client of mine, your therapist may want you to fill out different forms.

To view these forms, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader or another product that handles the Adobe pdf format.  You can download the Adobe Reader software for free from the following website – Adobe Reader.

Different applications and browsers can change the format of these forms.  Please double-check to make sure they look like they make sense and contact Dr. Sarkis if you have any questions.

Forms To Bring To Your First Session

Please bring the forms identified by Dr. Sarkis to your first appointment or send them to her secure fax number (888-974-0298).

Client Information Form:

Stephanie_Sarkis_PhD_Client_Information.pdf (1194 downloads)


Informed Consent for Counseling:

Stephanie_Sarkis_PhD_Informed_Consent.pdf (1160 downloads)

Rating Scales

Self Report – Current Behavior:

Current-selfreport.pdf (961 downloads)


Significant Other Report – Current Behavior:

Current-otherreport.pdf (874 downloads)


Self-Report – Childhood Behavior:

Childhood-selfreport.pdf (815 downloads)


Parent Report – Childhood Behavior:

Childhood-otherreport.pdf (763 downloads)

Optional Forms

I may have asked you to complete forms in addition to the ones above.  If so, here is where you can find them.

Release of Information Form:

Stephanie_Sarkis_PhD_Client_Release.pdf (1205 downloads)