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Remarriage: Factors for Success

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"Remarriage is the triumph of hope over experience" - Samuel Johnson Taking that plunge (again) can be nerve-wracking, especially if you had an especially difficult divorce. Here are some factors that help increase your changes of a successful marriage the second time around. A study by Falke et al. (2007) reviewed literature from 1980 through 2007 [...]

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Study: Coping with Loneliness at 45+

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Over 3,000 people in the U.S. over 45 years of age were surveyed in a study of loneliness (sponsored by AARP). The survey measured loneliness using the UCLA Loneliness Scale. Participants who scored 44 points or more were defined as "lonely", while those scoring 43 or less were defined as "not lonely". (My bullet points aren't [...]

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Frenemies: The New Enemy

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"Frenemy" is actually in the Oxford Dictionary. It was added in 2010 along with its friends "vuvuzela" and "chill pill". (I just thought of a great high school English assignment - write a poem using "frenemy", "vuvuzela", and "chill pill". But I digress.) A "frenemy" is defined in the Oxford Dictionary as "a person with whom [...]

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People Determine Cheating Potential By Voice Pitch

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According to a new study, women think that men with a lower-pitched voice are more likely to cheat, while men think that a woman with a higher-pitched voice is more likely to cheat. These findings were independent of whether a person preferred a certain voice pitch, or found a certain voice pitch attractive. In addition, women [...]

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Study: Why do men use silly pickup lines?

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World-Science.net 14 Jan 2011 -- "Pickup" lines based on humor tend to fall flat-but they do get the speakers rat­ed as rel­a­tively fun­ny and so­cia­ble, and aren't dis­fa­vored by wom­en seek­ing brief li­ais­ons, a new study sug­gests. The pair stud­ied the ef­fects of "flip­pant" lines such as "can I get a pic­ture of you so I [...]

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