Sarkis Interview on Sirius XM 11/6

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ADD and Your Money Listen In! On Tuesday 11/6 from 8-9am EDT, I will be interviewed about ADHD and money. You can hear it on Sirius XM Doctor Radio, Channel 81 in the segment "Everyday Health" with Dr. Carol Bernstein. Can't listen in then? No worries! It will replay again from 8-9pm EDT. [...]

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Allergy Death at School: When Do Morals Override Policy?

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7-year-old Ammaria Johnson died after anaphylactic shock while at school. The school did not administer an Epi-Pen (which could have afforded Ammaria life-saving time to get to the hospital). One of the most shocking things about the allergy death is that the school stated they do have "lifesaving medication" available, but they administer them only "when [...]

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The “Smaller Class Size” Argument

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Wouldn't it be great if all kids had their own teacher? One-on-one instruction for everyone. Yes, in a perfect world, this is what we would choose. Alas, we are not in a perfect world - we have school overcrowding, elimination of recess time, underpaid and overworked teachers...the list goes on and on. But smaller class size [...]

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High schoolers take more credits than ever

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U.S. News & World Report (14 Apr 2011) -- Today's high school students are taking more classes than ever. According to a new study by the National Center for Education Statistics, the average high school graduate in 2009 earned about three credits more than graduates in 1990. The extra credits amounted to about 420 more hours [...]

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Think you have privacy rights in college?

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Think your privacy rights are covered at college? Think again. A U.S. District Court judge ruled that if a university doesn't accept federal aid, FERPA law, the law protecting the privacy of students' records, doesn't apply. What does this mean for you? Students' personal information and records could be fair game for distribution. The good news: [...]

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Moderate sleep loss impairs vigilance and sustained attention in children with ADHD

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ScienceDaily (2011-03-04) -- A new study indicates that the ability of children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder to remain vigilant and attentive deteriorated significantly after losing less than one hour of nightly sleep for a week. "Moderate sleep restriction leads to a detectable negative impact on the neurobehavioral functioning of children with ADHD and healthy controls, [...]

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Happy Children Make Happy Adults

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ScienceDaily (2011-02-25) -- Being a "happy" teenager is linked to increased well-being in adulthood, new research finds. Using information from 2776 individuals who participated in the 1946 British birth cohort study, the scientists tested associations between having a positive childhood and well-being in adulthood. A 'positive' childhood was based on teacher evaluations of students' levels of [...]

Judge blocks discovery into aspiring lawyers’ mental health

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The National Law Journal January 04, 2011 - A federal judge has blocked the Indiana State Board of Law Examiners from digging further into the mental health of class-action plaintiffs who are suing over certain questions on the state's bar admission application. U.S. District Judge Tanya Pratt affirmed on Dec. 23 a magistrate's order prohibiting the [...]

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Children with ADHD handling a dog: Exciting or calming?

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Summary of the study: There was a significant decrease in heart rate and a significant increase in blood pressure five minutes after a dog was held by children with ADHD. However, teacher ratings of mood and behavior were not significant. The authors concluded that pet therapy for children with ADHD may actually increase excitement rather than [...]

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Study chows children with ADHD have more difficulties with handwriting

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In a study by Rosenblum, et al. (2008), children with ADHD had poorer handwriting than non-ADHD children.   Additionally, when children with ADHD were off of their medication, they took an even longer time to copy a paragraph as compared to when they were on medication. Many parents will not be surprised at these study results. (That was my [...]