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ADHD children function better when outdoors

Children with ADHD function better when spending time in outdoor settings, according to a study conducted at the University of Illinois-Champaign Landscape and Human Health

According to the website:

In an initial, Midwestern-based survey, parents of children with AD/HD were more likely to nominate activities that typically occur in green outdoor settings as being best for their child’s symptoms and activities that typically occur in indoor or non-green outdoor settings as worst for symptoms.

Read about the study here: http://lhhl.illinois.edu/adhd.htm The website also gives information on related articles by the authors, and provides a link to their original study.

This study reminds me of a chapter in Lara Honos-Webb’s book, The Gift of Adult ADD where she writes that a positive feature of ADHD is the tendency to feel a connection to nature and other living things.

Thanks to Alicia for the article!

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Dr. Stephanie Sarkis is a National Certified Counselor (NCC), Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC), and AMHCA Diplomate and Clinical Specialist in Child and Adolescent Counseling based in Tampa Bay, Florida, where she specializes in the treatment of ADD/ADHD. Dr. Sarkis conducts evaluations, testing, diagnosis, and counseling services. She also is a public speaker, consultant, coach, and is a facilitator in collaborative law.


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