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Stephanie Sarkis Author, Counselor, and ADHD Expert

French Kids Do Have ADHD: An Interview with Elias Sarkis MD

Moliere described ADHD in his play L’√Čtourdi ou Les Contretemps (The Blunderer) in 1655. However, the concept of ADHD as a serious disorder is still not fully accepted in France. However, ADHD impacts the functioning of 3.5% of the population of France (Lecendreux, et al. 2011). In addition, ADHD is just as prevalent in other […]

ADHD: Brain structure differences found

Did you know that the ADHD brain may have a thinner cerebral cortex than the non-ADHD brain? The cerebral cortex is the thin tissue that covers the cerebrum. It’s the cerebrum’s outer layer. It’s sometimes called the “gray matter” of the brain. In an American Journal of Psychiatry editorial, Rachel G. Klein Ph.D. reviews studies […]

Pilots and psychiatric medications

I never realized that the Federal Aviation Administration could decline someone from becoming certified if they took certain psychiatric medications – even antidepressants and/or medications for ADHD, or if they had a psychiatric diagnosis such as depression or ADHD. If you have or have had a psychiatric diagnosis or are taking medication, you are required […]