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Stephanie Sarkis Author, Counselor, and ADHD Expert

Alligator Warning for Florida Visitors

Visitors to Florida: Any body of fresh water in Florida has the potential for alligators. “No swimming” means “Stay out of the water”. Period. Most alligators mind their own business, but do not take any risks. They also do not thermoregulate, so a non-moving alligator in the winter becomes more active in the spring and […]

Pythons, Kitties, & Snails, Oh My!: The Everglades

From my Huffington Post blog – Pythons, Kitties, and Snails, Oh My! : Invasive Species Taking Over the Everglades I remember the first news story I read about pythons in the Everglades. It was accompanied by a photo of a python who had dined on an alligator. Meal time did not end well for either […]

Defending Gainesville, Florida

Rarely do I get on a political or religious soapbox, but I feel that I need to defend the city I lived in for 17 years. The small, tiny, fringe of absurdity that you have seen on the news lately (The Church Whose Name I Will Not Give Any Further Publicity To and their Koran-hating […]

Book Signing 6/14 (2-4pm) Gainesville, Florida

I will be signing copies of both of my books tomorrow (Saturday 6/14) from 2-4pm at Barnes & Noble, 3910 SW Archer Road, Gainesville, Florida.  (I’ll post a map as soon as I figure out what computer forces are conspiring against me posting said map.)

My Wisconsin dialect

I lived in Milwaukee until I was 10 years old, so a lot of the words/sayings I use are Wisconsin-ish. If you’ve ever heard me say “Wisconsin” or “Milwaukee” you can tell immediately that I am originally from there. I say Wisconsin as “W-scon-sin” instead of “Wis-con-sin”, and I say Milwaukee as “M-wau-kee” instead of […]