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Stephanie Sarkis Author, Counselor, and ADHD Expert

Birds of a feather….

I think people with ADD/ADHD are drawn to each other by some inexplicable force. I was at the beach today, and this dog goes flying past me. Like a blur. A guy standing near me goes, “Sorry…she’s really ADD.” And man, that dog was active. She made Toby look like he was on Quaaludes. So his dog and my dog, being kindred spirits, ran and played happily down the beach, leaving the other dogs in the dust (sand).

I can’t tell you how many times this happens to me. I’ll be at Target, and a mom will start talking to me about her child’s delay in development. Or I’ll be at a restaurant and the people sitting at the table next to me start talking about their kid in college who has dyslexia. Or I’m sitting on a plane next to someone who just bought my book online the day before (that’s a really cool experience).

I don’t think there’s any such thing as coincidence. And I think we happily (and serendipitously)stumble upon people that share our outlook and concerns about life. And I think we meet these people when the timing is right, and we need each other in our lives…whether it’s for a brief moment, or longer.

I think it also helps that I really enjoy talking with people. No, more like I enjoy listening to people. And maybe people pick up on that. Or I pick up on their need to share their stories. Either way, there’s no such thing as coincidence.

Speaking of fast dogs, here’s Toby’s demonstration of centripetal force:

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