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Stephanie Sarkis Author, Counselor, and ADHD Expert

Dinner timesaver

One of the best ways to be more efficient with your time is to delegate. Sometimes delegation means you have people help you out. Sometimes it means that technology helps you out.

While a crockpot (or slow cooker) isn’t exactly the most cutting-edge technology, it can cook dinner while you are at work. And it’s an appliance that is okay to leave on when you go to work!

There are a bunch of crockpot recipes available on www.allrecipes.com. One of my family’s favorites is Slow Cooker Barbecue.


Allrecipes.com is also handy when you only have a certain number of ingredients available. Go to “More Searches” on the front page and then go to “Ingredient Search”. You can type in what ingredients you have, and even what you don’t have. It has saved me a trip to the grocery store many times.

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